Frequently Asked Questions

Q :I’ve always downloaded to my Kindle from the Amazon site. How do I get this book onto my Kindle?

A :To get the book onto your kindle, you’re going to use Amazon’s “Send to Kindle” application. Here is the link to the download page on Amazon [INFO].

Click on that link, and then follow the appropriate link under “From your desktop.” The instructions and information are pretty thorough. You don’t have to connect your Kindle to your PC in order to move the file over. Basically, the eBook is uploaded to your Kindle account via the application and then your Kindle downloads it as part of its normal syncing process.

Q :I tried downloading the book to my Android phone, which has the Kindle app. It started to download, but after about 15 seconds it stopped and I got an error message saying the download had failed. What do I have to do?

A : The Android Kindle app doesn’t allow what's called "side loaded" versions of books. Instead of choosing the “Kindle Format” option, please choose the “PDF Format” option (Kindle Apps are able to also read PDF files).

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